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Friday, December 29, 2006

USA Skeleton Lake Placid Schedule for 2006-07

Lake Placid Domestic Racing and Training Season:
We will be sliding Sunday-Friday” this year. Due to the closing of the 1980 track for passenger rides, Saturday will be our day off for most of the season. All “official training” weeks are mandatory.

Early on in learning the sport, times don't mean much. It's more about getting the feel of driving and learning to slide. But I'm going to post training times here for my interested readers! (Note: LP track record: 54.74s, Gold Medal runs in recent LP World Cup: 55.15, 56.27) Times depend on many factors like start times, driving, equipment and ice conditions.

Dec. 19 -– 20 Official training for National Qualifiers
Dec. 21 - 22 National Qualifiers - —Lake Placid
Jan. 2 -– 4 National Championships Training -– Park City
Jan. 5 - 6 National Championships - Park City
Jan. 8 - 14 Open Training
1/9 3runs (best: start 6.06 finish 62.30 speed 103.1 km/hr)
1/10 3runs (best: start 5.73 finish 61.38 speed 103.4 km/hr)
1/11 3runs (best: start 5.67 finish 61.33 speed 104.6 km/hr)
1/12 2runs (best: start 5.74 finish 63.98 speed 98.68 km/hr)
Jan. 15 - 21 Open Training
1/15 2runs (best: start 5.54 finish 65.18 speed 97.17 km/hr)
1/16 2runs (best: start 5.70 finish 62.43 speed 101.1 km/hr)
1/17 2runs (best: start 5.68 finish 60.93 speed 102.9 km/hr)
1/18 3runs (best: start 5.52 finish 60.88 speed 103.0 km/hr)
1/19 2runs (best: start 5.65 finish 61.85 speed 102.5 km/hr)
Jan. 22 - Feb. 4 Open Training
1/22 3runs (best: start 5.70 finish 60.79 speed 105.0 km/hr)
1/23 2runs (best: start 5.72 finish 61.85 speed 101.6 km/hr)
1/24 3runs (best: start 5.56 finish 60.59 speed 104.4 km/hr)
1/25 no sliding- COLD
1/26 3runs (best: start 5.68 finish 59.87 speed 108.0 km/hr)
1/29 3runs (best: start 5.65 finish 59.84 speed 107.4 km/hr)
1/30 2runs (best: start 5.54 finish 60.70 speed 104.0 km/hr)
1/31 2runs (best: start 5.58 finish 60.42 speed 105.3 km/hr)
2/1 3runs (best: start 5.54 finish 61.05 speed 103.2 km/hr)
2/2 3runs (best: start 5.54 finish 60.53 speed 105.7 km/hr)
Feb. 5 -– 9 Official Training
2/5 3runs (best: start 5.68 finish 60.24 speed 107.7 km/hr)
2/6 3runs (best: start 5.78 finish 59.61 speed 107.7 km/hr)
2/7 3runs (best: start 5.85 finish 60.50 speed 107.2 km/hr)
2/8 2runs (best: start 5.75 finish 60.79 speed 103.6 km/hr)
2/9 1run (best: start 5.76 finish 60.09 speed 107.7 km/hr)
Feb. 10 Club Race #1
I placed 6th out of 11 sliders- 2 heats, finish 1:59.10 (59.64, 59.46). Because of weight conformity issues, I raced on a different school sled that I'd taken down the track only once-- I sat too far back on it and it gave my chin and mouth quite a beating. Sure looking forward to getting my own sled! Here is a video of my start in heat one:

Feb. 12 -– 16 Official Training
2/12 did not slide
2/13 2 runs (best: start 5.71 finish 58.99 speed 109.7 km/hr)
2/14 2 runs (best: start 5.77 finish 59.64 speed 106.0 km/hr)
2/15 track closed- SNOW WIND
2/16 track closed- SNOW WIND

Feb. 17 - 18 Club Race #2 and #3
7th out of 10 sliders- 2 heats, finish 1:58.57 (59.32, 59.25)
8th out of 10 sliders- 2 heats, finish 2:00.46 (60.31, 60.15)
I did reasonably well on the 17th with better pushes and consistent downtimes, but the 18th provided a lesson in improper runner sanding as I was very skiddy.

Feb. 19 -– 23 Empire State Games Training
2/19 2runs (best: start 5.57 finish 58.73 (Season PR) speed 109.7 km/hr)
2/20 3runs (best: start 5.54 finish 61.59 speed 103.7 km/hr) Frosty Track!
2/21 did not slide
2/22 2runs (best: start 5.x finish x speed x km/hr- awaiting time sheets)
Feb. 23 - 25 Empire State Games -– must qualify through National Team or Club Races
2/23 Opening Ceremonies
2/24 8th out of 9 sliders- 2 heats, finish 1:59.31 (59.50, 59.81)

Tonight's runs were not very good. Starts were poor as my quad injury is not getting better and the rides were gnarly. The open men's division was mostly national team members and the fact that I continue to ride inferior equipment amplifies the already wide gap between my skill and theirs. On the bright side, I made it down free from injury. Ryan and Mallory would be happy with that result- during heat one he partially collapsed a lung and she was knocked out and got a concussion. An "81" in the track is not something an athlete wants to experience.

Feb. 26 - Mar. 4 Eastern Regional Championships-– must qualify through National Team or Club Races
I qualified for Regionals (as did every Club Race participant), but I'm calling it a season after Empires. I have another doctor's appointment on Wednesday (2/28) regarding the mass in my left quadricep muscle; it's been a battle since the injury on January 19th. Also, due to some bad luck with my sled order, I do not have my own sled. Without that I am not permitted to compete in Regional Champs. Maybe that's a blessing as I need to get my leg healthy before I can continue. Besides, I really need to raise some more $$ so I can close the deficit of spending this season and gear up properly for next year. Thanks for your continued interest and support.
Mar. 5 -– 11 No housing at OTC - LP WC Snowboard
Mar. 12 -– 18 Open Training
Mar. 19 -– 23 Official Training
Mar. 25 Randy Price Memorial Race
Mar. 29 - 30 FIBT North American Invitational
Apr. 1 - 8 Open Training
Apr. 9 - 15 Open Training
Apr. 16 - 23 Open Training
Apr. 24 - 30 Open Training

If anyone would like to come watch, email me and I'll let you know when I'm training or racing.


  • So, how many mph is 104km/hr??

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:13 AM  

  • Jay, times look to be getting better but I guess it is not about times right now but your form getting on the sled and down.?
    So the 15th -21st are you able to saty at the OTC or will we be graced with your presence? Hope to see you soon!
    I climbed Wednesday, 11 miles and almost got myself in a real pickle. I was by myself too! Aimee had to work.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:54 AM  

  • Smokin Today Jay!!!!! I told you you would do it. See, that pizza and Lake Placid IPA was the bomb and put you over the top. Hope you are healing well. Good to see ya, and we hope to see ya soon again. Have a great weekend man.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:03 PM  

  • Sorry for the screwed up message. imee's laptop and hitting all the wrong keys. That was awesome vid man. You are destined for greatness! Keep it up man!

    Brother L.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:35 PM  

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